TransCeramica, with locations throughout the United States, is the exclusive distributor for the Fiandre Group – the leader in the development of innovative technical porcelain tile for floor, wall, interior and exterior applications. For over half a century we have successfully supplied our automotive, healthcare, hospitality, and retail clients with an array of architectural and design solutions.
With manufacturing facilities in Italy, Germany, and the United States and four strategically located corporate warehouses, we have the logistical capabilities to serve international and domestic projects in a timely, efficient manner.

Group structure

Granitifiandre CompanyThis innovative company offers products recreating some of the world’s best-known and most prestigious marbles, granites, and quarried stones, offering similar aesthetic properties with improved technical qualities (brilliance, homogeneity, resistance, and low absorption).
Fiandre S.p.A. has always stood out for its talent for innovation and its technological advancement, systematically launching advanced new materials and subsequently patenting them (GeoDiamond, Luminar and Crystal are obvious examples).
Since 2009 the company has responded to current trends in the market with an even stronger focus on technology and ecology with the launch of two very important new products. In June 2009 it inaugurated the new Extreme press capable of producing attractively designed marbles, stones, and materials in a size unique in the world of porcelain stoneware: 150×75 cm. In September, leading up to the annual Cersaie trade fair, it announced the creation of Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, a new productive method which uses titanium dioxide to transform conventional ceramics into an ecologically active material capable of cutting pollutants and the principal strains of bacteria by up to 99.9%.
These materials are produced with minimal environmental impact, unlike quarried stone, which generates an amount of scrap that vastly exceeds the volume of stone extracted, with significant repercussions for the environment. Solid porcelain stoneware is produced using the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies available today. These technologies ensure that every item produced is different from every other, just as in nature.

Two new productive plants opened after IPO in 2001, one in Tennessee (USA) by the subsidiary StonePeak Ceramics Inc. (2005) and the other in Brandenburg (Germany) by the subsidiary Porcelaingres Gmbh (2004). With the latest generation in research technologies and flexible use of product prototyping facilities, we are able to study and design new articles for the Italian plant, the Fiandre brand, and for all the Group’s marketing companies.

Key accountsThe Fiandre Group’s core business is the non-residential market, and so the Group’s marketing policy does not focus exclusively on the classic “wholesaler to final customer” distribution channel, but has a sales force and a key accounts division performing constant widespread promotion among architects and designers, and the decision-makers in large-scale projects.

Fiandre has been listed on the stock exchange since June 2001, and was the first to join the STAR (Segmento Titoli ad Alti Requisiti – High Level Requirements Securities Segment) section of the Telematic Stock Exchange in Milan. Fiandre officially left the Italian stock exchange on March 8, 2011.


Savoia Canada is the subsidiary which acts as the Group’s agent, distributor, and warehouse for the Canadian market.Savoia is concerned with local distribution for the markets served by its warehouses, offices, and showrooms in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The Architectural Import Group and their subsidiary company Techgeo focus on promoting sales of StonePeak and Fiandre materials on markets of strategic importance such as the United States and Spain.


The subsidiary Technoriunite Srl is a Fiandre Group company operating in the field of installation and turnkey customer service.

The installation service is a true “post-sales” service which helps generate value for the products offered in a “turnkey” service concept, a very important aspect of the group’s strategy for ensuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
The Fiandre Group offers an installation service to add to its competitive edge, lengthening the value chain while promoting development of its core business.


The subsidiary company Floornature provides the Fiandre Group with an operative organization supporting use of internet technologies of strategic importance for innovative management of the group’s relations with architects and designers for discussion and promotion of the Fiandre brand and the services it offers.

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