Coverings 2018: Fiandre awarded “Best in Show” for best “Use of Storytelling”

Coverings, the largest international tile & stone show in North America, has announced the winners of its 2018 Best Booth Awards. The program recognizes the standout booths based on their design, creativity, display of product, use of space and overall presentation. This year, an esteemed panel of judges selected five to win the coveted honor from more than 1,100 exhibitors, many of which showcase remarkable booth exhibits.

The “Best in Show” award for best “Use of Storytelling” went to Fiandre (#7646), as the booth features a Sophisticated and Sustainable Hub of Design Trends theme. Inside, the multidimensional booth shows how the beautiful product translates throughout a fitness space from the lockers, to the showers, to the workout area.

Fiandre’s Eco-Chic Booth at Coverings 2018.

Fiandre’s booth (#7646) at Coverings ‘18 is a Tribute to the Timeless Beauty of Trees and Nature, showing how Nature can be exquisitely recreated yet respected in a series of different Eco-friendly room settings. Fiandre raises the profile of sustainability with a strong presence of wood looks in the booth design. The main theme of the booth, represented on the exterior façade, floor and reception area is the outstanding Petrified Wood look of the company’s New Maximum ® Eminent Woods Porcelain Collection, emulating the extraordinary process of wood fossilization that occurs over millennia. The result produces an incredible and precious material effect, rendered with extraordinary effectiveness. The ancient wood look finish is described as rich, vivid brushstrokes of color that contrast amid a white background. Another eco-chic trend at Fiandre’s booth is the new Design Your Slab (DYS) display featuring the natural pattern of sustainably harvested and bio-diverse cork recreated on the column of an oversized 300×150 ceramic slab. Fiandre demonstrates its technical design expertise in recreating the magnificence of real wood without impacting trees and forests and continues to lead the way in environmentally-protective offerings.  All other materials displayed in the booth, such as Marble and Stone looks, follow Fiandre’s sustainability theme and adhere to strict environmental standards. Fiandre provides a human connection to the beauty of Nature by engaging our senses with luxurious Italian porcelain and environmentally friendly materials – bringing the outdoors in to soothe our soul.

Coverings 2018: Farr Interiors Exclusive Residential Apartment – featuring Fiandre products wins “Grand Prize” at Coverings CID Awards 2018

The Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the design and installation of tile and stone, in both residential and commercial projects.

A panel of prominent editors, top designers and industry professionals evaluated submissions based on execution, original usage and overall design and purpose, and gave distinct recognition to those projects demonstrating outstanding tile and stone applications.  Farr Interiors Exclusive Residential Apartment (in Milwaukee WI) – featuring Fiandre products – was recognized for the Overall Best Residential Design Project, for Exclusive Residential Apartments.

The project, completed in January 2018, began by taking three original separate apartments and creating one unit – a two bedroom 2.5 bath with a den and an office pub. The interiors space planning and design was very intricate to include all needs of the occupants. The space features a beautiful array of Fiandre’s products including Maximum Marmi’s Calacatta, Premium White, Nero Superemo, Royal Marfil and Maximum DataUni’s UniPepper.

“The CID Awards program is important because it exemplifies how beautiful product, design artistry and a high level of technical skill come together to create breathtaking architecture and design,” said Jennifer Hoff, president of Taffy Event Strategies, the event management company that produces Coverings. “Coverings offers its congratulations to all of the recognized honorees.”