Clean ingredients

Fiandre products are “green” because they are made with 100% natural minerals. This includes quartz, clay, kaolin, feldspar, silica, and natural coloring agents.
They are also green because of what is not there. This includes no sealants, waxes, epoxies or man-made binders, and no artificial coloring agents. Because of this they are perfect for use in green buildings. In fact, our materials contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment as they have no artificial components that would release volatile organic compound (VOCs) into a building environment through off gassing.

Lifelong Quality

A commitment to green necessitates a thorough understanding of a product’s future. Fiandre products are designed to last a lifetime. With a hardness rating that is 30% harder than granite and a low porosity rating, our materials are more durable than any other hard surfacing product. These characteristics result in a reduction of future materials usage, along with a high stain resistance that reduces maintenance requirements. And, our materials are chemically inert making them stable fill for construction sites and for use as ground material in roadbeds, which reduces the need for quarried gravel.

Installation Site Air Quality

Fiandre products do not contain added VOC’s. With proper use and maintenance, these materials help reduce overall off gassing, which aids in meeting LEED™ interior air quality standards. This is because no sealants or waxes are required that could add harmful VOC’s to a building. The low porosity creates stain-resistant surfaces, which reduce the need for harsh cleaning agents. Simple maintenance with pH-neutral cleaning products is all that is needed.

Recycling | Recycled Water and Raw Materials

Fiandre’s production is a closed-loop process that recycles nearly 100% of raw materials and water waste back into the production cycle. All water from the polishing line is recycled back into the production line. In 2010 alone our recycling efforts allowed us to reuse, and therefore conserve, approx. 4 million gallons of water and 27,500 tons of raw materials.

Recycled Materials

To help reduce the amount of raw materials and energy required to produce paper and plastic products, we use materials containing a percentage of recycled content whenever possible:

  • Carton boxes for finished products
  • Cardboard packaging separators on pallets
  • Recycled paper in all offices

Anti-Pollution Devices

Fiandre manufacturing facility uses anti-pollution devices that by far exceed the minimum standards required by law.

Material Sourcing

Fiandre’s Crossville, Tennessee, manufacturing facility is located within 500 miles of major markets for LEED™ projects. In addition, the factory has been built nearby its major extraction sources for raw materials, which are also within a 500-mile distance to major LEED™ building markets.